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This is about the creation of a clip for Youtube that will signal the start of a genuine Global FUKUSHIMA
alert and cleanup. Donations received are listed below. Please email for details if you can help in any way!

Brendan "Mookx" Hanley ...

Harry Freeman $200 - Brian & Margie Bruce $50 - Mazz Webb $50

Download "FUKUSHIMA WIND" MP3 and Lyrics here ... play the song lots and learn it for the big choir event!

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I put this up a couple of years ago. Virtually nothing has happened. I've had a couple of musicians contact me to say they're interested and three people have donated money, which is in a trust fund. Their names are up above this text. I am still obsessed with Fukushima. I am aghast at the lack of (crucial) information in the media. I still meet people who know absolutely nothing about it. My conscience is screaming at me, at the world, at the sky "DO SOMETHING!"

If you are concerned about your future, your kids, the fish, birds and animals ... existence as we know it ... and you are aware of Fukushima ... then I am appealing directly to you. Read on! If you're not aware of what's happening it's time to tune in. Helen Caldicott is a good place to start. Or go to Youtube or FUKUSHIMA UPDATE on Facebook and look at the clips.

We need a Miracle to wake the world up! It's time for a big one! I have seen them happen before ... especially around Community events. Festivals, protests, big productions where people get together in tribal conditions to gain a result. Terania, Nightcap, Franklin River, Glenugie, Doubtful Creek and of course Bentley, are obvious examples. But even an event like the rock opera "Tommy" being staged in Nimbin all those years ago galvanised the town into a bustling, creative hive of activity and cross-pollination. It was fabulous! People power multiplies like hell when we come together under one banner.

I want to see that happen again. This time I want to see the Region's most aware and creative souls unite to produce a clip for Youtube that involves Community-sized input. The more people involved, who tell their families and friends etc. the more chance we have of going viral. A Rainbow Region message to the world.

I have re-jigged my 1979 3 Mile Island song "Pennsylvania Wind" to now be "FUKUSHIMA WIND". I have had to write new verses to involve the ocean and a new final verse so as to end on a hopeful tack.
You can hear and download it and the lyrics here

Julie Oliver (Shanto) has done a guide vocal on the recording, which is very good news to start off with. I would like to recruit a small choir of good voices to do the answer bits in the verses and I would like a mass regional choir to do the big choruses. So if you want to be in a big choir for the finale of the clip, download and learn to sing the choruses along with the MP3. I imagine the final shots in the clip in Cullen St. Nimbin and maybe another on the beach at Byron ... big mobs of colourful people holding banners etc. singing to the world about FUKUSHIMA.

You will be able to keep up with the progress of the clip, rehearsals, dates etc. here on these pages ... I am hoping to get a band together soon and do several fundraising concerts which will be sound recorded and videod for the clip. Other footage will have to be storyboarded and collated by experienced audio/visual people whom I also hope will contact me.

All this will need funding.

If you have some money and care about this issue, please contact me as well. Money is no good on a radioactive planet. This project cannot exist without a budget, so I am looking for some aware people-of-means to support and enable this project. I am on the age pension.

Brendan "Mookx" Hanley ...
"Pennslyvania Wind" ... Animated Clip by Megan James

"Leave It in the Ground" (1981 ) clip by Jeni Kendell & Paul Tait

Compression. (Marley-style Reggae!)

Inspiration Track ... Springsteen - We Shall Overcome

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